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Sodium Caseinate and Calcium Caseinate

Our powdered Caseinates come from the main European manufacturers.

Sodium caseinate and Calcium Caseinate are compounds with a high biological and nutritional value, which is why they are frequently used as an ingredient for the food industry and as a nutritional supplement for sports enthusiasts who require or recommend overstimulation of muscle synthesis.

This substance is obtained from cow’s milk, so its consumption is not advisable for those who have some kind of intolerance or are following vegan diets or abstaining and/or limiting dairy consumption.

How do you get sodium caseinate and calcium caseinate?

It is an industrial process adding natural substances such as vinegar and lemon juice or using specialized enzymes for this process in order to reduce the acidity of the treated dairy products and causing coagulation and rennet formation, thus obtaining the desired casein. The caseinate is extracted from this casein by extrusion and sodium or calcium minerals are added to it to obtain the sodium and calcium caseinates.

Main Properties of Calcium Caseinate and Sodium Caseinate:

  • Almost 90% of its composition is pure protein, for this reason it is so demanded in the food industry and in food supplements for athletes. In addition, it has all the essential amino acids inside, which gives it a high biological value. as well as nutritional qualities.
  • Its considerable contribution of calcium makes it highly recommended for those people with a deficiency of this element.
  • It has less than 1% fat and does NOT contain lactose except for some traces, so it is suitable for people with mild intolerances.
  • They are very resistant to heating without losing their properties and characteristics, and they combine easily with water and fat, making them ideal for use in the food industry, mainly with food additives and emulsifiers in a wide variety of edible products.

Calcium Caseinate Uses

Casein, having a protein origin, limits muscle breakdown, so its most popular or well-known use is as a sports supplement marketed in different formats and concentrations.

Uses in the food industry

Caseinates are used in food products mainly as emulsifiers, additives and preservatives. This product allows to significantly extend the conservation of food, as well as a relevant nutritional contribution and also allows to modify textures and densities, gaining a relevant role in final products such as:

  • Ice creams.
  • Biscuits.
  • Bread.
  • Instant soup.
  • Creams for coffee.
  • Cereals.
  • Pastries and industrial pastries.


Our sodium and calcium caseinates are available in 25 kg multilayer paper bags with polyethylene inner lining and in Big Bags of approx. 1000 kg net weight.

HS Code: 3501.90

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